Saturday, 1 October 2016

Mahindra Thar Chapter 2 - 'Decision Taken'

From  2011 to 2014, we had loads to do, like build a home, set up a hospital, grow the infrastructure etc etc.. we both worked very hard, yet we would take some time out  in the evenings. we would go for a small drive in the hills, feel the breeze, see the trees swaying, hear the birds chirping, hold hands and melt in love..This is a routine which i would never want to give up.

In addition we went through a very peaceful journey of Spirituality. As my home kept expanding, so did Lord  Jagannath’s temple. And as days passed by, the number of people visiting our house kept increasing. My wife is very dedicated to ISKCON, so devotees were our regular guests..Cooking and serving ‘prasadam’ became a part of our lives. Once in a fortnight we have kirtan in our house which is attended by 50 plus people followed by dinner. Soon we started offering ‘Chappan Bhog’ to the Lord (56 different food dishes).

 The peace, the happiness which I  experience when I am serving the Lord or his devotees is so immense that it cannot be just compared to any other material gain..

I still don’t believe that I made the above statement, nor would my college mates ever believe it..Life was so different then, I was so different then. With a stud in one ear, a sack on my shoulder, a wild hot image, a happy go lucky attitude, a sportsman with an aura of mischief..Five and a half years of medical college went through with the same careless attitude where I thought no end of myself, where ego was my biggest assest and I walked 6 inches above the ground.

Life would have continued in the same selfish mode but then love struck, I fell for a very pretty, homely girl, a maharashtrian Brahmin with coloured eyes. a beautiful girl with a caring heart..all of a sudden I found comfort in her company, all of a sudden I wanted to be a nice guy, all of a sudden I wanted to see love for me in her eyes..

A song that i would always sing for her..

By Gods grace we got married and since then she has stood by me, supported me like a true loving companion..i have learnt to care, to help, to love selflessly..before I knew it she had changed me completely..And frankly I feel very happy this way.

Life continued and by the beginning of 2014 when both of us had almost all our dreams fulfilled, once again the topic of buying a suv came up. Again a list of suvs were discussed, again loads of research was done and again I came up with the idea of Thar .

Obviously a test drive has to be taken and so we found ourselves cruising to Silver Jubilee motors camp, in our Contessa..Now my dad owned a petrol Contessa 1800cc an epitome of luxury, security and soft smooth ride and for last 15 years we felt like a royal family driving and owing it. A Majestic cherry red coloured Contessa (MH-12 W 100) is still our family’s pride and exhibits road presence like a Queen..

So when the first time I took the drivers seat of a Thar with my wife next to me and turned the ignition key, all impressions came shattering down. The jeep was vibrating as obviously a diesel engine would do. Pretending to appear fine, not daring to look at my wife, I put the vehicle in gear and moved ahead . The next 2 kms the sales executive kept lecturing about how powerful the engine is, its 4 wheel drive and  blah blah blah blah blah…And I sat in pure agony feeling every pothole, every pebble on the road sending vibrations to my back..I felt i was  running barefoot after being used to wearing the best Nike shoes all my life . At last the ordeal ended and making some excuse of receiving a important call, we left the executive with a puzzled look outside the showroom..

How do I express my feeling..i was hurt as if my childhood love had broken my heart and walk away..How could she do this to me..How could Mahindra and Mahindra do this to me..i mean why a diesel engine..and on and on and on…My wife with a comforting smile as usual, was there to understand my feelings..But it is never easy to forget true love, is it??

Another one of my favourite pics

Days went by, weeks went by, and everytime I thought I have got over my romance, I would catch a glimpse of a Thar on a busy road. Old memories would instantly come daunting back, trouble me and give me a sleepless night….....After weeks of pain, one day I put my foot down and said “I won’t give up so easily, I will change her…If I can change, so can she”.

That night I spoke to my wife about rethinking about Thar, about a second chance. I told her I wished to make a few changes in our Thar, to make her suit our style.. As usual with a smile she nodded.  And the decision was taken!!                                                                                                           

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